#BE PRESENT with Sonora

You’re wondering what Sonora has to do with the campaign #Be present? Sonora creates a safe, soothing space that allows you to be alone with your thoughts and emotions. It allows you to get in touch with what’s deep inside you – look at it calmly and accept it exactly as it is. It allows us to gain distance from the world around us and the situation in which we currently find ourselves.

You’ll find out from the campaign:

How to be present in life?
How to be aware of yourself, your body and emotions?
How to take care of your mental health?
How to use modern technologies and cyberspace consciously, sensibly and healthily?
How to build a bond with friends and relatives?
How can contact with art, psychology and nature improve our quality of life?

You can read more about the campaign at: www.badzobecny.pl.