Feel the POWER of sound…

Sonora is a space shrouded in magic, which gives a sense of security, soothing and relaxing. It makes you feel taken care of. It is a time of relaxation, which allows you to be alone with yourself, to look deeply, to face what you find there, in favourable conditions of gentleness and peace. Contact with emotions and experiencing them gives you the opportunity to let go of your intrusive thoughts, and the state of relaxation also allows you to look at the same things from a completely different perspective.

Vibration passing through every nook and cranny of the body deepens the state of relaxation. It reduces muscle tension and relieves pain. It improves circulation and improves the transport of oxygen in the body, thus supporting its purification. This type of massage strengthens immunity and relieves states of long-term tension, which contribute to general irritation and worsening of concentration and may cause insomnia or headaches.

Take care of your health. Restore the harmony of body and mind.

Go inside, feel the POWER of sound!