Gratitude, grace and sound for the New Year!

While 2020 was not easy, a few words of gratitude are in order.

We are grateful that despite several months of lockdown, our studio survived. Thank you for staying with us and trusting us.

Thank you for the fact that with your joint efforts and sacrifices (masks, disinfection) we managed to create safe conditions to perform sessions in Sonora.

Thank you for being alert to your body’s signals, and when tension and anxiety grew, you took advantage of our relaxation sessions to relieve what the pandemic was feeding us.

Thank you for not giving in to the negative information being preached everywhere and following your heart to be consistent with what is deep within you and thus remain calm.


We are filled with hope for a better Year 2021, and whatever happens we promise ourselves to be grateful for what we receive, even if we are put to an even greater test. We recommend this attitude to you as well


We wish you and yours that 2021 will be full of grace and soothing sounds. Do not forget that music can regulate the mood and in moments when we are very bad it can help relieve emotions, soothe and comfort. Listen to music, sing and play. Bring what is beautiful to others. Music gives joy, and when performed together, it gives a sense of community and strengthens our bonds, soothing fears and making us stronger from within.

                                                                                                               – Sonora Team