Music Therapy Conference April 8-9, 2021

Sonora Sound Tube will be presented by the founder and coordinator of the Sonora Project – Katarzyna Paluszkiewicz during the VII International Conference of Music Therapy Students – “Cultural Determinants in Music Therapy”. 
Lecture title: Sonora Sound Tube as a universal therapeutic instrument using sound and its vibration. 

During the lecture you will learn:

  • what Sonora is
  • get to know the history of Sonora and its creator
  • Learn how to play Sonora
  • listen to the music of Sonora 
  • you will find out what the music of Sonora is connected with and what its roots are
  • you will find out what the human perception of music depends on
  • you will learn how Sonora’s music and vibrations influence on the human being
  • you will get to know the theoretical basis to use Sonora in therapy
  • you will learn what the vibroacoustic therapy is about
  • will get to know the correct course of the session 
  • find out how Sonora can be used in music therapy
  • get to know groups of patients, for whom Sonora could be a valuable tool in therapy
  • Learn how to work with the instrument
  • get to know the opinions of users


Date: 8-9 April 2021

Link to online event:

Advance registration for the event is required.



We welcome both music therapy students and anyone interested in the effects of music on humans and music therapy itself.

See you there!


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