The first #StorySonora podcast is now available!

It’s here!

The first, opening episode of #StorySonora podcast series, and in it: a short story containing information about where Sonora came from and a story about who Sonorita is – a short introduction to the person who breathed the spirit into Project Sonora.

Recording your first podcast is not an easy thing to do and involves breaking down some barriers and beliefs about yourself. Nonetheless, it is a very developmental activity, and allows you to convey often important content in an accessible and easy-to-read manner. I hope, therefore, that you will forgive me for any mistakes and give me some feedback that will allow me to speak to you more, more often and even more clearly.

So I warmly invite you to listen and leave your comments. Share your story. You can also list the topics that interest you in Sonora, and I will try to talk about them in future episodes.

I’d like to thank the Voice Studio @Wokaliza for providing the recording room – thank you, it was a great place for a newcomer to audio recording like me. And for the photography I’d like to thank Karolina Gorzelańczyk, who did the best job of capturing me while I was working in the studio building Sonora.



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