instrument to masażu dźwiękiem Sonora Sound Tube

Meet Sonora

Sonora Sound Tube is an innovative instrument with a relaxing effect designed for sound therapy

Sonora gives you a unique opportunity to go inside the instrument and immerse yourself in its pleasant sounds. We are exposed to the direct action of sound waves, which, passing through our body, cause a deep massage and relax the mind.

Listen to the sound of Sonora:

We are the only and exclusive manufacturer of the Sonora. Each instrument is handmade by us to order in our workshop near Poznań.


Book your individual or group sound massage session inside Sonora Sound Tube. Visit our studio on Bukowska street in Poznań.

Take care of body and mind balance, get inside, feel the power of sound
Sound Massage

instrument to masażu dźwiękiem Sonora Sound Tube

Sound massage in Sonora is a unique experience that positively affects the functioning of the entire body

During a relaxation session, a person lies down on a bench on which he or she is slid inside the instrument, allowing him or her to experience the action of sound waves inside the Sonora. The vibration travels through muscles, tissues and bones, reaching into every molecule of the body, while the subtle music allows the person to drift off into sleep or enter a meditative state. Sonora naturally restores harmony to the body and mind. We perform sound massages at Sonora Studio, which is located in Jezyce, Poznan

What our clients say

experiences after sound massage in Sonora

"The gift of a sound massage was a hit for me! An amazing experience of connecting with every cell of the body through vibrations. The tension was gone, I left feeling relaxed and taken care of."

- - Agnieszka P.

"A must-have for all sound explorers. The sounds of the instrument combined with the cozy atmosphere of the studio provide a super relaxing experience. Clean and professional!"

- - Iga F.

"Sonora Sound Tube serves a different relaxation journey each time. The instrument itself is worth admiring, and the sound and resonance create wonderful experiences. The atmosphere in the Studio is extremely pleasant."

- - Krzysztof G.

"Great relaxation. Vibrations touch every cell. Great sounds that relax. An hour full of pleasure, relaxation and peace. It's worth taking advantage and letting yourself be carried away by positive energy."

- - Izabela B.

instrument to masażu dźwiękiem Sonora Sound Tube

Why is it worth having a Sonora session?

  • is a natural and simple way to promote health and maintain psychophysical balance
  • improves well-being and eliminates pain without the use of pharmacological agents
  • provides positive aesthetic impressions, sensitizes, raises awareness, supports at every stage of personal or spiritual development
  • gives you an opportunity to truly be with yourself, calm down and cut off from the excessive stimulation
  • positively influences the nervous system, improves concentration and functioning of the whole organism

instrument to masażu dźwiękiem Sonora Sound Tube

Feel the power of sound. Make an appointment for a session and try Sonora's effects on yourself. Sonora studio is located in Poznan on Bukowska street.

instrument to masażu dźwiękiem Sonora Sound Tube

A gift voucher for a relaxing sound massage is a perfect gift idea for your loved ones.