Sonora is an innovative and relaxing instrument designed for sound therapy.

Sonora gives you a unique opportunity to enter the instrument and immerse yourself in its pleasant sounds. Lying in the middle of the body we are subjected to the direct action of sound waves, which when passing through our body, stimulate a deep massage and relax the mind.

Sonora is an innovative and relaxing instrument designed for sound therapy.

Sonora gives you a unique opportunity to enter the instrument and immerse yourself in its pleasant sounds. Lying in the middle of the body we are subjected to the direct action of sound waves, which when passing through our body, stimulate a deep massage and relax the mind.



We manufacture Sonora and sell related accessories. We produce instruments on individual request. If you would like to know more about available products or ask for a price, please contact us.


Welcome to our Positive Vibration Studio, located near the center of Poznan at 31/5 Bukowska Street, where we conduct show sessions, individual sessions and group relaxation concerts. Write to us or call us to arrange a session.


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Sonora has the shape of a tube with 52 stretched strings, tuned up to 64 Hz.

Sonora is made of the highest quality resonance wood obtained from selected trees growing in high parts of the mountains. The entire instrument is handmade with care for precise finishing of the smallest details and robustness of the construction. We try to select natural raw materials of the highest quality. The tube is 2 meters long, 1 meter high and 74 cm in diameter. The weight of the instrument is approximately 65 kg. The bench, when pulled out of the inside of the tube, is supported by the supplied leg. Thanks to this solution, Sonora is easy to transport. The total length of the instrument with the bench extended is 4 meters.

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The instrument is an invention of a Czech luthier, musician and multi-instrumentalist Jan Rosenberg, who lives in Germany at the foot of the Black Forest.

Jan, as an experimenting constructor, got inspired by the form of monochord and desired to create an instrument that one could enter. He wanted the power of sounds to be even more hearable and perceptible for the listener. The prototype, in a form of a tube with bench set inside and 28 stretched strings, was made in the year 1998 and was called Sonarium. After that, for many years it was being improved by Jan and his student Vaclaw Cizak. Three additional rows of resonance strings were added at the sides and the bench was modified to be mobile. In the next 20 years 8 instruments of this type were created in total, and all of them were spread around Europe. Jan’s cooperation with Martin Seliger, who discovered therapeutical features of the instrument, allowed applying Sonarium as a tool for guiding listeners into deep relaxation and giving them sound massages. One of the instruments was bought by the Centre for Rehabilitation in Fryburg and, ever since, has been successfully used in the therapy for paralysis and many other diseases.

When Jan finished his career as a luthier, he decided to pass the production of the instrument onto our workshop near Poznań. At the moment we are its one and only manufacturer and we are constantly working on improving it so it changes according to users and becomes even more comfortable and perceptible. In agreement with its creator we have also changed its name so it’s fresh and more international. It is now called The Sonora Sound Tube.

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Sound massage has a positive effect on well-being and functioning of the body.

During a music therapy session, the person is placed on a wooden bench which is inserted into the instrument. This way a person can experience the sound waves inside Sonora, while being surrounded by the pleasant smell of wood. Sonora gives you a blissful feeling of safety, just like in the womb of a mother. Vibration travels through the muscles, nerves and bones, reaching every corner of the body. Vibrations deeply massage the body and relax the mind. Such state facilitates the release of emotions, regeneration and improvement of well-being. Vibrations can affect the functioning of the whole body: increase cell metabolism, regulate heart rate, blood flow, and brain activity. Sonora restores the harmony of the body and the mind, allows to regain internal peace and vitality in a natural way.

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We are group of young people enthusiasts of woodworking , music and spiritual development.

Joining forces and skills we created a small workshop near Poznan, where instruments are made. The high quality of our work is ensured by the use of best materials as well as the acquired knowledge and experience. Currently, we also run a cosy Sonora Studio, where we offer sound massages and relaxation concerts and our team was complemented by Karolina.


She graduated from the I.J. Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań. She pursues her passion for sound and wood by building instruments. She is a luthier, musician and a music therapist in the process of gaining professional qualifications.


Mechanical engineer by education, carpenter/self-taught locksmith, who is not afraid of any design. He loves riding a motorcycle and has recently started pursuing his passion as a producer of electronic music.


Pedagogue and therapist with years of experience in working with children. She has professional qualifications to perform relaxing massages. Passionate about the holistic support of human well-being, fascinated by working with the body, sound and natural healing methods.

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